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  1. What happend to your bald cat? You ate it?
  2. you are not on msn atm, can it be solved Charlie?
  3. Duuuude, I need extended PM box :-)
  4. Hey man, please let my new signature stay for atleast a week, its a decent rick roll atleast!
  5. Where do I report your avatar? ;-P
  6. Charlie, you dirty old man! Are you hiding again!? ;-)
    MSN isnt evil, I AM EVIL
  7. He is online, wooooow :-)

    Charles, please fix those crappy adds
  8. Charles.... Seriously, what the hell just happend??? XS logo with the american flag...???? Come on, return to mother earth!
  9. Welcome back... And thanks for fixing CP issue
  10. Charles, any chance of you coming online on messenger? I want to discuss something as soon as possible..
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