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  1. Hey man, do you know anything about oscilloscopes ? I've been looking to get one, I seem to like older ones better with cathode ray display etc. than newer digital.
  2. Oh hey, access to lot of dry ice? Sounds good. I most likely would suck with the new hardware, I'm still with what I had before which by today's overclocker standard is stone age. University is keeping me busy, I'm majoring in CS.
  3. Hey! You still around? Soon brother I will acess to all the dice you could ever want....I will have tons of it here at the house. Hit me up & ill fill ya I need to learn a few words in Polish & I think you can help with that.
  4. Hey brother!! Im alive!!! Been so out of town for 1/2 the summer. Hope you & your family are well. Stop buy sometime...I still am slackn ob i7, but killed my gtx260..have a q9505 on hte way...65 watter & my x3330 will do 500+ fsb....oh ya got my water kit all up & running....lovn it too :P
  5. What's up?

    AFAIK, Chuck is alright, I see his house daily across a street for a split second when passing by, nothing paranormal, kids running around, garage open-I'm sure he's pouring LN2, toys here and there, he looks like a busy man!
  6. How's the WC coming along? Still need the fittings? I can see some water pouring on that poor Asus P5B but then there is a nice trick that you perform, that is, put the mobo in the oven .
  7. Nice that you got it all back!!! & that have no idea on how much that pic helps me!!!! You da man!!
  8. Holy crap I recovered 99% of my data from RAID0 failure , my partitions, mbr and mft were totally corrupted and disks were resetted to non-raid disks + the original array was deleted and new created but data still persisted . Took lot of time, +20 programs and lots of Linux command line hackery. I only lost 2 files and they were the 2 Linux distros that you can easily download .
    Avoid using any any dye in your WC, it will make you tubing look gray after a while. I switched to distilled water and some nice yellow/green auto antifreeze fluid.

  9. Hey man!! what you up too?
  10. Orland, sup neighbor!!, I used to live right behind the mall. Now in Palos Park.
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