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  1. Ya me too re. hardware tho I did finally scrape together the cash for a DFI X48. My two 4850s are happy now. Helluva nice weekend and ongoing for a little while. Thank god not just cause its been so horribly cold but all the crap is melting!

    Ya just moved too so thats the other reason money is tight besides the general state of things. Nice big 3 bedroom near Cermak and Damen for not too much more than I was paying for my last one bedroom. Got a "computer" room. It's nice :-)
  2. Hey man, it's going to be a nice weekend , I'll have to work with my car, basic maintenance. I didn't get a chance to play with any exotic hardware lately (and it's been some time since I OCed hard), what about you?
  3. What's new? Besides a long overdue warm up coming tomorrow.
  4. Sure you know a Cubs fan. And not just any Cubs fan. THE CUBS FAN.

    Did I mention Go Cubs?
  5. Right on. Open invitation...
  6. Damn I (and Hicks) said hi last month but didn't send friend requests. Done Dude you should come down to bench with us at jimmyz's place next month...
  7. Hello to another Chicagoan.
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