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  1. That's what it's all about, can't ask for more then.

    Your pushing it like the 759 / bloomfield days , awesome to see keep doing that
  2. thanks Oliver, it was a great day
  3. Happy birthday

    keep pushing it
  4. lol, for some its the "wick wack" day for others its just a number..

    you`re certainly not aging (person wise) with the numbers 3-0 ..

    However that way of speak changes 180 degrees in terms of benching a number is just not a number around here
  5. ummm, Oliver...shhhhhh

    when you turn the big 3-0, you don't want people to know, you'll understand one day
  6. yo Jody, happy 30th birthday !

    Wish you all the best man, its a pleassure having the opportunity to read and watch your work.

  7. Thats how its supposed to be huh

    Its interesting to see how CORSAIR GTX modules will end up clock & performance wise in your lab

    The boys are waiting for the one and only memory OC Report

  8. oh you know Oliver, a little of this, a little of that...working over some memory right now, what else is new?
  9. Yo Jody, hows kicking ?

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