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Conversation Between emuexport and BlindFreddie

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  1. Hey mate I grabbed mine from OCAU. Wish you'd told me sooner as I just flogged two really cheap on there! I think you have to sign-up.
  2. Greetings from Sydney to Perth, from one WCG 24/7 cruncher (rickjb) to another!
    I've had some hardware failures with my Q9650/GA-EP45-UD3R system, including a comatose/dead Q9650, and could do with an extra C2Q CPU for diagnosing motherboards, plus short-medium term crunching until I decide to go to LGA1156 or LGA1366 stuff (not sure about i920 - it's fast but seems like a power-hungry juggernought).
    Back to the subject, I remember that you said you'd raided the forums for all the cheap Q6600s you could find. Would you mind telling me where to look? Maybe stocks have recovered since your raids.
    I've looked on TPU without luck, and eBay is expensive - a new Q9550 would be better value - A$320+.
    My problems are outlined at: and
    Thanks in advance
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