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Conversation Between TNTNightstalker and RAW-Raptor22

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  1. Nope, not much rust. I live in California so everything is top down here and the car was garaged for most of its life. It really just needs a new paint job and to have the engine and transmission stuffed back in.
  2. The body looks good and straight. Is there any rust underneath or on body?
  3. Will do.

    That was it before we began...
  4. well tell him good luck with the rest of it. and tell him we need pics of it as he goes so we can keep and eye on it.
  5. Nope, that was the original engine. In 1963 you had three choices, a 2bbl 390 with 300HP, a 4bbl one with 325HP, a 4bbl Police one with high compression with 350HP, and the super rare M-Code 3x 2bbl Carburetor setup that made close to 400HP. That M-Code setup is what my dad is going for, but with a lighter aluminum manifold, higher compression, built internals, and more horsepower.

    It will probably make close to 500HP at the flywheel.
  6. DAMN do you think he went big enough !!!!!!!!!!! lol no thats great. I'm glad there are ppl out there rebuilding the classics. Besides it gives me a chance to get one later in life. You MUST get some pics of that for me. Did he have to cut the firewall to make it all fit in there?
  7. Hell yeah man.

    He has a build 390 ready to drop in with an Edelbrock intake manifold and 3x 2bbl carburetors.
  8. When yall get it done post some pics of it. T-Birds that are that old are my favs besides for the old Mustangs. Hope you get it done soon.
  9. Aw man, I wish. I am helping my dad restore one, a 1963 Thunderbird he bought in 1987 but only recently got around to doing anything with. We are hoping to make it look like the one in my signature. The Thunderbird in the second post of the thread however, is my daily driver. Its the same color as the one in my signature, only its 26 years newer.
  10. thxs for the comment. Is that your t-bird on your comment? If it is that one class act.
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