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  1. Hey man, quick question. Is there going to be any new triple rads coming out soon? And also, all triple rads are the same size right? Like where one fits, they all fit. (Not including depth) So if i where to get a cheapo rad and just use it for cutting the holes and measurements and stuff, i would be able to get a way better rad when i actually did go watercooling.
  2. Hahaha


    Ill change it back. Actually, thought i did.
  3. Your pic creeps me out!
  4. Yeah, it cleans up the jagged edges a little bit. Of course you should file down the jagged edges, and then sand, but it still makes it look even better. Make sure to get the thin kind. The really thick U-channel makes it look like you're trying to hide something. So it makes it look obvious you are hiding a jagged edge.
  5. U-channel? Is that the rubber stuff you put around the side?
  6. Yup, that rad grill looks great, most people use these kinds by AC Ryan.
    That Bitspower grill looks like a great buy for the money as it is an enclosure for fans as well. Most rad grills come with a cutting template, if it doesn't you can copy the rad grill on a copying machine and trace the picture onto some the tape covered section of the case you will be cutting. Make sure to apply tape before you cut so it will be a clean cut. The tape also allows you to draw and measure out your cuts. Then just dremel it out, and add some U-channel if you want.
  7. So could i go ahead and buy this Grill And go ahead and make my cuts on the outside of the case according to it?
  8. So any new triple rads going to come out soon?
  9. Soon. No dates set in stone yet.
    BP has some all in one chipset waterblocks coming out and some great aquasink based video card waterblocks coming out sooner or later.
    Feser is coming out with a 100mm thick carbon fiber shrouded radiator with room for 6 120mm fans and dual threaded, to be stackable. It will come out at around the price of a single quad radiator. Other companies like Enzotech are releasing new waterblocks as well, so if there is any time to wait, it is now, before some great products are released.
  10. "Yes, waiting is good, Feser and BP are coming out with new watercooling parts currently."

    So, what and when are these parts due out?
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