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  1. ok, thanks alot. hopefully i can get the ht bus up, if i can't i plan on getting some es cpu's lol. with those you can adjust multi + voltage.
  2. I want to say I did most of my overclocking by editing the HT reference clock target using a PCI register editor called baredit ( Once I knew where the right bits were, I just flipped them. I'm not sure if that was the only way I did it though, as I know I tried a lot of different things.

    Regarding the RAM, I can't open the URL. The three dots are being sent to me as a literal part of the address. Any registered, ECC memory should work in theory provided it's the right type. I can't remember if that system used DDR2 or DDR3 memory, but I think it was DDR2.
  3. sure thing. all i need is the names of the programs i'll google it on my own. also, the second link contained some ram ( d9 based ) do you think that will work with the motherboard? thank you for your time.
  4. Wow. That has been some time ago. As I recall, I was only ever able to directly manipulate the HT reference clock. vCore and CPU multipliers weren't within my control. I can't remember the name of the program I used to set my HT reference clock right off, but I'll see if I can find it. I think I've still got a folder with all of the tools I used from that era even if the system itself is long gone. I moved back to a 1P machine once Thuban launched and 4 GHz looked attainable.

    remember that thread? wanted to know what tools you found useful for o/cing. i seen a s2912-e on ebay for 99 dollars and two 2431's for 58 each. any advice you can give for tyan s2912-e ( as it's practiclly the same board as s2912 ) would be much appreciated. also what do you think of this ram? .. it's 9 bux per module and will be 4gb in total ( 8*512 that's enough for now. ) also i have a 4850 @ 4870 core speeds. do you think it will be compatible? i get the feeling this board is not super picky.

    oh, and hello. long time no see. lol

    thank you for your time.
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