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  1. Thanks for the info, it really helps a lot. Mainboard was $420, 96% off, now it's $19...
  2. Thanks, I live in USA. I'm new to the Sossaman thing, but I want to get involved with something I can do beneficially with my computers, instead of just gaming and using them for show.
  3. Yeah, I read that thread, and a lot of others too. That's what confused me... Like where am I supposed to find those parts, and like, IDK, I'm just so confused. Do I use normal computer parts?
  4. What parts are good for a 24/7 sossaman...
    I is stupified!!!
  5. I call the calvalry. Prepare the bodies, the fire cannot save the world. You know it is true. Hear the secret, and find it, in the darkness, there is light, you will find it, and it will find you, but in the end, we all fall victim to the plague.

    The truth is upon you, believe, and be saved from the wrath. Coat yourself in the plain truth of it all, we will be spared the green hypocrisy.

    Fellow Theorist...
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