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  1. wish I had to money to move to Ci7
    I had enough mobos, RAM & DC CPUs to make 4x s939 rigs, but then sold it all in Aug. last yr here is a pic of all the RAM:
    I'm now back on my ol' s478 back-up rig again specs: IC7-Max3, 2GB Corsiar, X850Pro@XT & 3.4EE
    Wish I could say the same about my mobo tho I got a strange issue with mine:

  2. Thanks. She's served me well, but I think it's about time to move on. I can't even run what I'm working on at work on it, it's just way too slow. Still runs well for the most part, though, except for the balky hard disk. I'll say one thing about her, that old Intel D875PBZ board is a freaking rock. It's survived 3 power supply failures, two lighting strikes, and an exploding power transformer outside the house with nary a whimper.

    Sorta gonna miss her when I take her out of service. Been through a lot, me and the old girl. 2 years of school, countless hours of gaming, moved three times cross-country. Ah the memories.

    I'm sure I'll forget all about them when the new I7 system fires up.
  3. I just noticed the awesome ol' skool rig in ur sig
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