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  1. hey buddy, everything cool? Quit benching?
  2. Hey man!

    Take some avatar.. you're posting like a "ghost" with this gray nickname

    Hope everything is going ok

  3. ... or should I ask for some SLIM GTX295 ready?
  4. For sure I will
  5. Hmmm... I think you got it

    Will be great or not?
  6. You should borrow me some TEK-9 4.0 SLIM for 9800GX2 eheheh

    I'll play again for sure, but with AC on GX2 one more time
  7. Hey Vince,

    I'm really surprised with your pot

    Do you remember my frustration words with my old pot?
    Now I can make full 2001 run (6.45~6.5GHz on RE) with poor LN2 just 2 or 3 times on each game test :| superb!

    And make some CPU-Z validation @ 6.61Ghz

    Thank you again


    Everyone is able to play with your pot I'm the guy with white t-shirt

    I remember some identical photo
  8. Don't drop your F1 on your foot I'm telling you.. you will regret it!
  9. Received some interesting flowerpot yesterday

    Nice pic there Let me know if you want to sale some k-type thermometer

  10. Grrrrrr.... Can't wait for my package

    BTW, still have to give you an answer
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