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  1. Ok

    Let me know then and I'll try to give you the best price shipped.
  2. possibly let me see if i can sel off my D9JNM first
  3. 115€ + shippment?

  4. looks like the pot is just slim enough that should clear that bridge chip how much did you want for it

    Red Line: 6.5cm
    Orange Line: 2.0cm
    Green Line: 18.0cm

    (You should reply on my profile, otherwise I don't receive any notification )
  6. Hmmm... just checking the measures

    I can send you a photo of the pot with the size described
  7. Hey

    If you want I've another GPU Pot for sale (k|ngp|n Tek9 4.0) and a thermometer too

    Fast shipment this time
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