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  1. Hi Andre
    I Have Take Shot Some Pic And Put In Thread Q9550
  2. mate you are doing fine, send me a screen of your ET6 to see your volts so i can help you, at those 545+ speeds of course and also very detailed mem settings

    cheers and i told you that the UD3P will do magic for ya
  3. Hi M8
    Can U Little Help For OC Quad
    I'm Be Hold Back For Benching Test When I Set FSB 550~540
    But In 533FSB Ram 1066 1:1 Can Give All Benching Test 3D Marks
    I Want To Set 4600~4700Mhz To Test 3D
    I Know It's High And Use Water Chiller For Cooling
    If You Can Help Me I'm Waiting For Ur Sugestion In This Topic
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