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  1. I'm from Christchurch (Home of the Super 12/14 ), I have a lot of good friends up in Auckland.

    I'll be going to as many of the games as I can get tickets for, can't wait for the next World Cup.
  2. No worries about the world cup, as long as we don't sustain any major injuries. Then again we have more depth then any other team out there I hope it wont matter. Only 3 more years to go now till it's back in NZ, I've got plans to make it out for a few games already.

    Where abouts in NZ are you from? I'm a native north islander from Auckland living in the states currently.
  3. Now if we could just play like that in the World Cup, everything would be good in the World!
  4. I can' believe me eyes, is that a fellow Kiwi Overclocker?

    Yes, we cleaned up the Celtic series. "STAND IN BLACK!!"
  5. "Xtreme All Blacks Fan" Pleased I'm not the only one here
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