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  1. Hah I found that shiznit on reddit. Wish I could afford high end anything lol.
  2. I think my nizzle might be gettin' a little uppity - lookin' at Denon audio gear. Who TF do you think you are?

    Kidding. My day isn't complete until I give somebody some sh*t.

    Remember - alcohol is good for the swine flu. I heard you're supposed to pour it on your hands, but that just don't make no sense.
  3. Could be worse. I've got radon - almost double the recommended level. Of course it's always been like that. Have a detector that reads out the count every hour so I can see how it goes up or down. Pretty cool.
  4. Roger that! Major rains tonight. Got some flooding even. Chicago sucks.
  5. How's it going. Almost time to start thawing out.
  6. Hey, man.
  7. Merry Christmas! (um afaik you aren't jewish or muslim or...)
  8. Just saw your VM - yeah, that was classic.
  9. Heh heh ya like that one?
  10. Thanks for caring enough to feel bad. I could tell you were having a crap ass day or something (based on other recent posts too) but I really didn't appreciate it being taken out on me or what have you. You are a better person than that. And as such you now feel bad. Situation resolved.
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