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  1. Indeed. Hope all is well. Hey Ill be in London in May...
  2. Yo Derek. Long time, Bro.
  3. What's up!
  4. Not much dawg. Still going strong! Keepin' it real.
  5. So what's new man?
  6. Where the hell have you been? Dave disciplined me (and deleted the post) for talking major hilarious smack to Spawne32. We miss you Neil!!!!!
  7. Merry Christmas you drunken heathen!
  8. Yo Yo Yo Boyeeeee!
  9. Not so stealthy indeed. Then again, since when has a drunken, boorish, opinionated Irishman ever been able to describe himself as "stealthy" in the first place? Inevitable and fitting, I'd say!

    Congrats again Neil.
  10. Well, well, well. Back in Black eh?
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