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  1. Yah haven't seen u around at all, I've been absent myself though tbh . Lately I've been missing the old days..the "golden" days of overclocking seem long gone. I used to live for coming on XS and seeing what everyone is doing, getting inspired my OC heros..Hipro, oppainter, sham, etc, etc.This year has been one of the craziest, but I so bad wanna just get back to the beginning and clear the cmos..
    Good to hear from an old familiar name
  2. Hey buddy, hows it go? Been playin any 01 lately?
  3. Hi Vince......

    lately i did not have time for so much benching. I am very busy with getting some ASUS MB reviews out on time. hopefully i will have more time soon though What about you ? Hows benching, if any, going ??
  4. thanx for the add sioux! Doing any benching?
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