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Conversation Between [cTx] Nooc and RAW-Raptor22

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  1. I see, thanks anyway.
  2. I drive a 1989 Ford Thunderbird... haha. I never really got into liquid cooling, sorry. Im the wrong guy to ask.
  3. I still drive a Subaru wagon...

    Can you suggest a case for a quadruple rad?
  4. Good deal man, I've been out of the PC thing for so long, I'm still rockin' a q6600 that dengyong gave me and an 8800GT, I've actually been mostly on my backup rig which is even worse, PD820 and 7950GX2. I've been pourin all my money into my car, gas and parts are expensive.
  5. Nothing much kicking it in Yuma AZ, just started another build after a two year hiatus and already upgrading after two weeks (my XS bug is back).
  6. Hey homie whats up? Welcome back Nooc! Hows life?
  7. Merry xmas man
  8. Well, XS guys and [cTx] guys are here when you come back.

    Merry Christmas Nooc.

    Good to hear from you man. Keep safe.
  9. Around March. but probably not.
  10. that really sucks bro, when you coming home?

    EDIT: When is B. Hussein Obama bringing you home....
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