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Conversation Between [cTx] Nooc and WrigleyVillain

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  1. What up Nooooooooc!
  2. Of course!
  3. happy belated new Year. Tell me you drank an extra Jager bomb on that day for me?
  4. 1. Nothing is going on in Iraq.

    2. I'm f*cking air wing. Nothing is going to happen to me. Ever.

    I have 1000 regrets about not going into 03 field and making history with either 1/6 or 2/7 in Afghanistan right now instead of sitting on my f8cking ass.
  5. Yeah Mr. President might actually bring our beloved n00c home safe from some godforsaken craphole he really shouldn't be in the first place and still that mixed-up kid Raptor finds a way to complain about it! Anyway Merry Christmas n00c and hope to hear from you soon, man.
  6. What happened to SF man?
  7. Great to hear from you, man!
  8. I'm doing alright, thanks.
  9. Hope you're doing all right buddy, wherever you may be right now...
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