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Conversation Between Mysterfix and lonewolfen99

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  1. I really appreciate the expertise, Mysterfix, I'm actually waitin' on delivery of a new Vid Card right now!! I'll certainly give both those ideas a shot! D'Yer think that the board may be wacky, I've been reading some stuff on the forums and a few people have said that the Maximus Formula Board may have NorthBridge problems, not all boards, but some?!? Do you have a reallt good idea on how to check the board properly just to see of that could a problem contributor?!? Could it also be the "Dominator" RAM (2 2 Gig sticks) sorry, I'm still runnin' x86............
  2. If you have a spare video card swap them out and see if it boots. You can also try loading optimized defaults in the bios save and exit if it boots you have a problem with the settings your using.
  3. What could cause and to remedy my E8400 to POST, boot up and then hang on VGA BIOS on MY MAXIMUS FORMULA BOARD?!? It does this every time but only after a coupla' minutes, could it be the Video Card?!? I have no idea what else it could be (drivers are all up to date)
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