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  1. y0 dawg, 01SE or nothing! ;-P
  2. Awesome that you are keeping up with the 01SE!
  3. Damn man, you are doing a huge job!
    Sometimes there is a hence that KP was there...

    I must admit, I admire your way of running stuff! If someone f***s up, you wont drag it out on them in public, but you'll let them know, and you'll help to clean up their mess, huge cudos buddy!
  4. Its back its back, the 3Dmark2001SE logo banner was down for a very long
  5. What banner did I move ? I didnt move anything
  6. Vince, you just didnt remove the 01SE banner, did you? :-/
  7. Really really!
  8. Dear Santa, I have been really good this year.... How about sending me that cooler for ram? :-P
  9. Mr.Vince, what say you; should one give the i5-670 a try for 01SE?
  10. heya man, cant reply on pm, odd :-/
    I forgot all :S
    I will keep an eye on the store, probably going to be after christmas
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