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Conversation Between Riggs and twilyth

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  1. Don't they have animal cruelty laws where you are? Kitty in a chicken suit huh? I'm going to track you down and report you to PETA and the ASPCA.

    I'm kidding of course. It's pretty cute. And when you do stuff like that the cat always has that 'I'm only putting up with this because you're bigger than me' look on their face.

    I just had to comment on it. Just so you know, you might get some complaints about your sig being so large. If you decide to play with it at some point, you might be able to save some space by putting the pics side by side. I have no association with the forum's administration so what I say is irrelevant, just thought I would mention it.

    I'm rambling. Just wanted you know I like the kitty.
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