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Conversation Between charged3800z24 and gOtVoltage

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  1. Great job on the OC man. Did you post it in Chew*'s thread?
  2. I Broke 3.8ghz with the 140watt 9950 @ 1.77v and regular water im LOLing over this CPU
  3. Hey, did you see Chew*'s "win a Phenom II 720BE" contest.....check out this thread, http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/...=1#post3721164 I think you can win
  4. Hey, I haven't seen you on in a while..HondayGuy is slapping benchmarks all over or just missing your post. I been kinda bummed watching everying posting...dumb work. I have a 7750 BE unopened, a Phenom II 940 sitting at home and a 920 that should be there this week. I feel like all my results will be pointless, and I had mine before most of them LOL. I'll be home tomorrw maybe, if not tuesday. see ya around man.
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