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Conversation Between charged3800z24 and informal

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  1. looking good, won't be long now....
  2. That is intersting stuff right there. I hope the new launch date hold true, be nice to see what these do.
  3. I look forward to what is coming. AMD seems to be getting their shiz-nit together. These chips keep getting better. The platform is becoming real solid. I just wish they could get the hard drive controller up to speed. Intel has this in the bag, and with the apps that depend on drive performance, it is a Intel win always. I have been thinking of getting an add-in sata controller. I feel like a kid at Christmas, I have to wait till Friday to begin my fun...so far away LOL. I will try to get a decent write up of my build. I know so many have already tho.
  4. Below zero fun is double fun with no cold bug cpus like Denebs .Plus if they are not expensive(like they are not ),it's triple fun heheh.
    Good luck man

    PS Visitor messaging is kinda confusing lol ,I keep forgetting where I posted which message^^
  5. This profile messaging confuses me LOL>.. I replied to you in my message area and don't think you get a notification for it LOL>

    I was going to skip this upgrade and wait for mid summer parts. I have a hard time doing that tho . If you get anything new keep me posted. I know what you are saying tho, I have no issues with the 940, I just have a sickness
  6. I hope your 720 arrives early for some OCing fun .Those little nuggets are pure value
  7. How's your setup doing? I have more parts coming.. I couldn't resist. Hope to have some post up this weekend.
  8. Keep on pushing it man,great results you got with both Phenom I and especially II .I'm glad you got your chip early and doing the tests on win 7 since win 7 seems to work a lot better with Phenoms than Vista(64) ever did.
  9. Well it is quite again in the AMD section. I do see a lot of consistant OCing too. I think windows 7 will be a nice OS. I can OC in both 32bit and 64bit the same. I even have my highest wPrime and Super Pi 1M in windows 7.
  10. Introllers LOL...nice. Has anyone noticed the extreme buzz over the 45nm AMD?..You can see the true enthusist come out. But also the haters too..
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