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  1. 1.8 is just for benching

    its an 80 dollar cpu lol i'd only be down for a month or so when it dies i'm on water now which is almost just as bad
  2. dude 1,8V is insane on aircooling for 4ghz for a 45nm cpu.

    i wouldn't go over 1.5V with aircooling if you want to keep your cpu longer.
  3. thanks

    mine likes tons of voltage.
    it took 1.8 to get to 4 GHz at wirst but now i can't remember those settings and am trying to bench 3d06
    ive managed to get about the same score with 500 mhz less cpu power
  4. Setting for my E5200:
    Vcore: 1,25 (after vdrop and on load) so depending on the board you maybe have to set the vcore to 1,28 or 1,3V
    Vmch: +0,15V just for safty
    VFBS/VTT: +,1 also fir safty
    Memory multi: you have to find your own, but try to stay ~800 also watch what strap your using.

    that was all.

    The E5200 shouldn't need much tinkering with other voltages then with the Vcore.
  5. i need your exact settings for the E5200 cause mine is crap like the one dudes
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