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  1. Hey, buddy. I will send you one small gift before I go to USA. You will receive Fedex track number soon.

    Good Luck.
  2. Andrew yang I think soon R.I.P 9650C0 Only 2 core work now. Still have to break your records 9770C1?
  3. Hey buddy, Are bored without me in MI? I know you missed me.
  4. He was all talk...
  5. Hey spicey boy your famous lol:
    Your special new "friend" fugger got a little jealous. Can't remember what it was that you were telling me...??
  6. Yo spicey boy....when you coming back to michigan?? ROFL!!!!!!!
  7. I try to look for all Taiwan's TV sports' schedule. I cannot find any NHL.
  8. Hey buddy. I am in Taiwan now. I'll meet with you on Sunday.
  9. Red Wings go stanley cup final.
  10. lol......great avatar's picture.
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