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  1. WOOOOOOOO they did it man!! Got the news when in tapei and I am watching all the games now that I'm back.
    4 cups in 11 years for the winged wheelers and they did it with all european players up front this time. Who is saying you can't win cups with euro/skilled type players now lol ?
    Kronwall was taking heads off!!
  2. To try they will have to get the puck first.
  3. Alright wtf is wrong with Dan Ohalleren bro? Thats two REALLY bad calls with the holsmstrom/interference disallowed goals. Both should have been counted. This referee needs to retire. Bad calls won't stop the big red machine..
    13 down, 3 to go.
  4. Go wings! Dallas seems pretty beat up right now dude. Wings have been sitting for awhile though..
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