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  1. Hey!

    Yeah actually I have been. I tried getting F@H running on two of my computers again but the one it made totally unusable (GPU, GTS250) and I can't have that as it is my work PC. My main rig had a Radeon 7950 but the output vs the heat and cost wasn't worth it, at least not during the summer Seems ATI/AMD cards are still gimped which sucks, though I've heard rumors that the new client due out "sometime" should help that a lot supposedly. We'll see.
  2. Ahoy - where you hanging about these days, not with that rough crowd over at WCG I hope? :P Hope you're well man
  3. Duuuuude long time! Glad you checked in
  4. Hey Sparky - hope you're well bud Been a while!
  5. Waiting for you to make a reappearance
  6. jimwah, come back... don't be like UnG and disappear on us now!
  7. Yep keeping busy! How's stuff going with the move?
  8. Hey Sparky - hope you're well mate
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