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  1. Finally, found a decent costa 2800+ air
  2. bin bin bin bin bin lmao
  3. interesting, but I think the real way is to hold your breath from the time the UPS guy makes you sign the pad till the first boot you will have golden chip
  4. Rumors said s/n 4000~4099. Lol
  5. NOOOOOOOO but have 2 coming
  6. Find some pretty Ivy yet?
  7. Still going far bagged (2) 57Xs..a sub 5750 and a 5780ish. Got a 5.8X+ but my SS can't take it no more. Gotta go back to LN2 if I have is killing my oc. Lol
  8. hows the binning going mate? best ive gotten is still the 5827...did have an intersting 5725 water cooling 1.6v and latest batch a 5600 1.525v ah well. Cant stop wont stop right? peace
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