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Conversation Between Chicken Patty and demonkevy666

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  1. check out the evil bunny in my sig.
  2. will do soon when I water cool the Phenom this way I can push it higher. so its fair.
  3. do any comparing with that I7 and phenom II yet ?
  4. nice bro, yeah by the way those temps are a bit hot at 1.6v+, gotta be careful, its a whole lotta voltage!
  5. I got more of a voltage drop where it use to take 1.625 volts for 3.0ghz load was horrible high but still under 66C . now it's way lower 1.465 volts temps dropped going for those full load is 57C.
  6. how did the temps drop, when I lapped mine it dropped like 6-8ºc
  7. My 9850 has gotten better after I lapped it down to copper I can now get 3.0ghz stable as a rock at 1.465 volts.
  8. too much negative post towards it. (those where form XS and seem to false anyways)
  9. why?
  10. Techpower replies on phenom II performance infuriates me.
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