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Conversation Between K404 and k|ngp|n

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  1. hey it rains a ton in taipei too, +the air isn't so clean Classified is a nice card. Thats stuff that was posted was just teaser marketing peek to show what tiN was working on. Very early prototype samples not ready yet. I think towards end of August we'll see some results from this card close to its launch.
  2. Thats easy to answer... we get the best footwear so it can all get trashed in our crappy weather! No point buying white trainers here to use outside, seriously.

    Been taking some time off since Campus Party. I'm short on CPU power, so just binning GPUs for when the time is right. I found the worlds hottest 8800GTX, but the memory controller is alright so we'll see what happens.

    How's the eVGA Classified '580 shaping up? Things have been kinda quiet since the initial pictures went up?
  3. Not much Why UK always has the best kicks? I swear, I wanna buy every single pair of sneakers I see on some UK online shops. USA kickers suck man too many colors and really overdone styles. Asia kinda sucks too tbh.
    Benching any NV lately?
  4. Hey bro! What's up?
  5. Yo!
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