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  1. Ya... you get a Form fomr the revenue site and you get you fill it in. You have to get your landlords PPS (social security number). Basically you are enetlitle to tax relief on your rent payments if they are above a certain amount. The certain amount is very low so everyone basically is entitle to it. And if you were over 55 if it even more. But anyways....

    Now... did I guess right??
  2. RIP, I wanna talk with you if you have time =)
    I heard something about a tax bonus..... As for houserent // tax.... Any details on this matter?
  3. hehe, I had a hangover
    I woke up at 3PM I think.... Was crazy last night, just crazy!
  4. no cinema...
    Dude, that went really extreme... I tend ot like the beer here in this city,... But 5:30 that was late and terrible hangover... Guiness leaves its marks the following day

    Nah, you might be right.... But two colleagues....
    Third one isnt colleague, but no, that describtion doesnt match
  5. Oh....
    Change in plans.... It will be a private party instead of cinema tonight... God its annoying over here,..... The girlies are like teenies.... They dont accept and understand one is not on the meat market....

    But thx Will go tomorrow, gotta see that bond movie
  6. Ya posted reply on my profile.

    I don't like the organisation of these profile messages... very 'all over the place' lol
  7. Thank you

    --- Regarding the thread;
    Nah, just couldnt resist...

    The guy is apparantly a theif, whom doesnt return hardware, and then he has kept results that two danes made in Kirsa... Each representing each their site... (Third, xt0m - seems to have used own storage device... Since he has published his results)...

    Just.... A touche to the creditability, isnt it?

    Just cranks me up =)

    Rip, do you happen to know which cinema is 20 Euro a month for all movies? And directions from O'connel (or Henry str.)
  8. Cool. Well as we say here 'Cead Mile Failte' (100,000 Welcomes).
  9. haha, cool
    seems like a fairly good area, and lots of the guys are from around here...!
    Im gonna fix somethin' in town tomorrow, I've turned mr.populair for some reason? :S Im the biggest computer-nerd in history, yet still no problemo.....
    However, gotta look out, not doing dumb stuff when getting drunk tomorrow, a colleague of mine happens to remind me alot of my gf... :|

    I replied in my profile about teh clubs.
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