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  1. Hijacking your thread so very badly!
    You cant stop me, nananana
  2. 60, aches,pains, muscles going to crap..Other than that having a ball in life..
  3. How are you doing youngster?
  4. Happy bday!
    This is time for you to talk with chilly1, next year is the big one, you should urge for a 2x triple stage unit
  5. man you got PM :-P
  6. Darth Vader for president ;-)
  7. So, you still itchy?
  8. I got overrun by Zerg!!!
  9. Hey man, dont look at me, we are not to test that ban hammer this week
  10. Dave, your colour changed, whats up???? Today is all odd; alot of people sacked for cheating, and you not admin? You were the ultimate admin on this forum!
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