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  1. hey buddy..
  2. WHatup Andrea!
  3. Hey!! Go to bed its late. Your wife will kill you!!
  4. Hi Jedi Master
  5. hehe.....E8600 is history, George. Nehalem already took 90% WRs. When you are ready to play i7, I would be ready to play i5.
  6. lol...overclock doesn't have "rich" rule or you want to make "rich rule and poor rule" for overclocking.

    If you don't have good source to find good cpus, rich is only for shi(f)t. I know you offer very high price for some good cpus. Maybe you already follow with "rich rule", too.
  7. Yes, I got this cpu for Vince because you said you have 5570 01 cpu.

    Let us see how long we need to wait your 5570 01 score.
  8. From me

    Are you mad, hipro5?
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