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Conversation Between demonkevy666 and charged3800z24

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  1. Well, that'd good other then the tuner...I will finally be home this week and can post. My wife said my Asus M3A79-T is back from replacement. I should have the 930 soon too. The 940 is a nice chip, regaurdless of what some of the reviewers said. I had no issue getting nice clocks with mine. It also seems the AMD section has seen a lot less trolls. Kinda nice.
  2. well other then my digital tv tuner crapping out and me still look for the max clock on this 940 here nice.
  3. Hows the system treating ya demon?
  4. I just found my answer for the 4870x2 finding in my case on the green one, sweet. now I got $440, I just need a little more now. damn it lol
  5. my chip dose better in 32 bit I tried Xp on old HD and I got 3.2ghz at 1.45 volts, with no ACC.
  6. Man,,.. I can't wait for Phenom II.. 1. Because I am like a kid at Christmas, 2. so people will finally (hopefully) lay off on the whole thing.. Man, Until Deneb starting showing promise.. it was a lil quieter around here,, except now and then someone peaked into see if there was any buzz to be worried abut, but now, Phenom II looks to OC like a monster and here come the intruders...on there " stop the AMD train"... I do like tho how some are opened minded and are looking to switch back or just wanted to try it out.. I am still waiting on Techreport.com's Shanghai review..It should be done soon...
  7. I wonder how big the x2 is?
  8. Is the case in your avatar your case...I saw it on the Egg I think, this weekend when looking through there.. looks nice..
  9. 3.4ghz at 1.4 volts try that in 64 bit :P hehe.
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