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Conversation Between blind_ripper and k|ngp|n

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  1. hi vince .
    would like to show u the raw power off the 4870
    run @ 1060/1220 , could run nature off 01 @ a blasting 1120mhz core and 1220mhz mem .
    giving it a nice 1050fps nature , tomorrow some dice with this gpu and more voltage .
    needed only 1.4vgpu to get 1100mhz core treu nature , now i need cold . think there is no coldbug like on my 3850 runned it @ -168°C all the time .
    il keep u posted
  2. Nice 32M
  3. and what are u up to vince
  4. whats the word on the streets blind?
  5. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y90...3trfc90pl7.png
    got the DDR3 running fine thx to benchzowner , will see for a E8600 and second 9800GTX and maybe second and 3th container. will also run 4850 cf soon wih massman .

    edit: oyes i graduated yesterday from my 6the year bakkery 1 more year of school , and then 4years of work and il be moving to the US
  6. running 9800GTX @ 1100core with 1.47vgpu , the new bios helpt clocking the card .but nothing with coldbug .

    testing P5E3 premium with my first time DDR3 , but not going so well :s .
    will be hitting GTX280 with massman soon
  7. filled up a dewar and getting a dfi board on the way here ready to do some 3D benching when this little boy
  8. filling up a dewar already
  9. vince if u have the bios send it up bro got my wonder 9800GTX working LOL
    strange the thing freaks on the p5e ws pro but on a msi p35 plat al go's fne

    greetz blind
  10. hehe that's great vince il try to get me a new GTX , the old one died .
    this will be the first thing il do after final examens (dont really know the englisch word for it)
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