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  1. yea especially if he posted my scores
  2. I hope this turns out in him getting in trouble hahahaha
  3. Uh, yah, he is. I feel like the Assassin48 on UC really hated me and that's one of the reasons I got banned... maybe they'll let me back in (though not much goes on there).
  4. i signed up to the site and he told me to link him to this conversation ?

    i guess he is a mod on uc or something ?
  5. (Let me know too)

    Wait... who's this guy who posted below me? KBCobra? THat's another recognized username. Are you playing me?
  6. i guess when i get some free time ill hit them up and let them know
  7. Alright man, sorry I can't help.
  8. well idk, i would go right now but I'm at work
  9. (I've been IP banned )
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