View Full Version : What should I do? RAM question

05-14-2006, 02:30 PM
Well I just rma'ed my redlines to newegg and they no longer carry them, so my guess is I will get a refund. In the meantime I've been using a cheapo 1gig stick of pny (not so cheap $150) that I'm borrowing from bestbuy until I can get some new ram..

What I've noticed is that with 1 gig, even this incredibly slow stick everything still seems pretty fast, and I don't play battlefield 2. So really am I benefitting from having 2 gigs of ram?

So should I either: Go for another 2 gig set, if so, which set?? I have a opty 165 0610dpmw that can run 2.97 on air 330x9 @ 1.48 volts, Or should get a fast 512x2 kit which would yeild higher fsb, tighter clocks, better benchmarks and save the extra money (would be nearly $200) for some ddr2 memory once conroe comes out? I know this cpu has good resell value, so It'd probably be an even swap for a conroe chip. What do you guys think? and what 1gig kits are performing the best now a days, I've had 2 gigs for so long I don't even know any longer.