View Full Version : IDE/SATA Problem/Question

08-07-2005, 05:11 PM
I'm gonna apologize ahead of time, I really don't know how to exactly explain my problem, but I'll try:

I have a WD Raptor, but it just seems like it isn't working at it's full peak. When I boot my computer, it lists my drive as "ATA100", but when I looked at my friend's comp, it said something like "SATA 1.5". Shouldn't mine also be saying that? I have SATA enabled in my BIOS. However, I also have two IDE harddrives in my comp as well. I have the BIOS set to "Auto" on how it handles the drives, but I think the setting it's using is "Combined Mode", to use the IDE drives and the SATA drive. But does this mean that it runs all the drives at the same speed? I have an IC7 board if that helps, and my spec's are in my sig if needed.

Hope you guys can understand all that and help me out!