View Full Version : Cool hwbot features added!

08-05-2005, 04:35 AM
Huge update to the hwbo engine today!

Some really, really cool features added:
- add / remove / browse hardware online
- automatic matching of hw to results (* admins only)
- look at average gpu/mem overclock of each hw item (!!)
eg. 6800 core average overclock:
- support for pcmark04,05, superpi 3m, aquamark, ...

Full release notes:

Not all hardware has been added yet. Feel free to add missing cards / processors!

Guide for correct keyword use: "|" means or, "," means and. Or has higher priority.
eg. to match GeForce 1 DDR the keywords could be "gf1, ddr | geforce ddr" which means a result with the keywords ('gf1' and 'ddr') or 'geforce ddr' would be matched to the videocard.