View Full Version : OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold VX or OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Gold VX

07-05-2005, 08:43 PM
Which one is better for DFI nF4 setup?

07-05-2005, 09:59 PM
The 4000 and old 3200 gold "ch" utt both average around 260-265, but some do worse.

I've had them both. My 3200 did 260-261 and this set does a little better. In theory, even the slower version could outdo the faster version as they are rated differently. 3200 is binned at 240 at 3.2v and the 4000 is 250 at 3.3v.

The 3200 variety, from what I hear, is shifting over to the "bh" utt dies, just like 3200 non-vx gold. Bh-utt, from what i've seen avg at 260...But are very consistantly able to do 260, and can be found pretty cheap.

Another option is Mushkin Redline 4000, which are fairly priced and seem to clock the best in most cases, but you don't get OCZ's awesome (and I mean AWESOME) customer service.

All are good options though, and will most likely score within a couple/few mhz of each other...Except for the redline, which may do much better.

07-06-2005, 04:41 AM
I am reluctant to try the redline...have you had any trouble or know someone that has?


07-06-2005, 12:02 PM
I havn't used Redline, i've only used ocz utt and before that it was corsair and buffalo bh-5, but I will say...while I love low latency ram, and I love the voltage from DFI boards.... UTT + DFI NF4 has had some major issues. I imagine the problems with redline are the same as with VX, as they are the same ram to a "T", that is speedbinned utt to 250 (ch-utt), just with a slightly different pcb.

I've have cold boots, i've had a funky/fried stick, (3200, which OCZ was awesome and replaced my set with the 4000), i've had boot problems because of the bios not setting the voltages past stock even after I change them and warm boot...Amongst other fun times. Other times though, it's been completely stable and fast as hell...and even after all those issues, i'd still prefer it over tccd. (awaits flame.)

Whatever you decide on, I suggest just finding a good bios, some good settings, and then not messing with it unless need be...Oh yeah, and don't DL alpha bioses...lol...My boards been fubared since I tried the last one, even after reflashes to other bioses.

I'd just say as a general rule of thumb, Redline is faster, but OCZ will back you up if you EVER have ANY problems...and that insurance is nice, especially with this ram + board combo.