View Full Version : Some advice about cases and the prometia/GPU TEC

12-13-2002, 05:39 PM
Hello, this is my first visit on to these forums and I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice :)

I am currently awaiting shipment of my prometia and I have a Q about the case I plan to use with it.
It is a chieftec tower case now the Q I have is this: I intend on installing a Swiftech MCW50-t to cool my radeon as well as the prometia to cool my CPU... would I have a great problem in fitting all the various components (the swifty,rad,res) on/in my chieftec ?

What would be a good choice of case to use with the set up I have:

Abit IT7 Max2
1x512mb Corsair XMS pc3500
Radeon 9700 pro
2xMaxtor ATA133's in RAID 0
hercules fortissimo II sound card
Vision master pro 512 22" crt
Prometia ( bottom only)
550w PSU

I would need room for the Swiftech MCW50-t, radiator and resivour(sic) )

What would be a good case to house all of this in ? (within reason as far as price considering how much of a wad I have already spent) ;)

Or should I keep my Chieftec tower and modify it ?

Has anyone here had any experience with setting up a rig like the one I have posted ?


12-13-2002, 06:30 PM
Im doing the same setup as u are prometiea external under case, ot indside case and the gpu cooled by swiftech mcw50. I measured out everything and im goin to use my Lian-LI pc70. ANy Full size tower would do good for yur setup. But u can also go mid size if u like.

12-13-2002, 06:49 PM
Well the chieftec is ok and I have the option of being able to buy the window mod for it ( just a ready to go see thru side panel ) so if at all poss I would prob like to keep it.

but saying that I certainly like the look of the li-lan cases and all they have to offer, but after the wad I have already laid out I need to cut corners somewhere or my woman will have me over the coals :smileysex

12-14-2002, 06:48 AM
I bought my Chieftec with the window already in it Aluminum for $79 US, from newegg, they had a sale one day. But you will have room.