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San Diego
04-16-2005, 10:31 PM
ok, i have a few more questions before i do my dice runs. the container im getting is not made for socket 939, but it will fit. i plan on mounting it using a metal bar at the top of the container, held onto the cpu using 2 long bolts attached to mobo. i have a 3200+ winnie, it wont crack my core will it? will it be OK to mount that way?

to measure temps, where do i put the multimeter wire? into the tube at the block, or outside?

how can i handle the dice? is it reccomended to use rubber gloves?

does having a fan blowing over the mobo help for condensation?

should i insulate? how do i insulate? ive seen many pics, but not sure how to go about it?

once again, any help is greatly appreciated.


04-17-2005, 04:29 AM
1) put the probe on the outside, unless you have a submersible probe that is resistant to acetone or whatever liquid you are using.

2)It's best to use salad thongs, a small insulated cup, or a big spoon.

3)It may help keep a little condensation away but it will also heat anything the air comes in contact with. Being that the air it is blowing is ambient and you are sub zero cooling.

4) You should insulate. Buy some flat insulation (closed cell) I would recommend no less that 3/4'' on the container, on top of the block, and under the mobo. Under the block, try and get as much insulation under it as possible, then cut it to where the block will fit inside the insulation. I suggest using seal string, silicon grease, or di-leectric between each layer of insulation you put on. you maybe hard pressed to find round insulation for the tube. The only places I know of that sells insulation with that large of an inside diameter are refrigeration stores, like John Stone Supply.

DO NOT forget to use di-electric grease in, on, and around the socket to seal it up from condensation.