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Pedro Rocha
04-10-2005, 12:55 PM
This Xtreme Hall of Legends will be not completed without 2 guys that are really Legends of overclocking - both are retired or semi-retired but we all wish they come back.

Please welcome (back) JC Viggen and DigitalJesus :toast:

BTW : digging on my HD I find this - a 3 years old top10 of PCMark (2002) when we all benching with P4 2.4- nice times :D



04-11-2005, 02:07 PM
welcome guys! as i said, the drinks are on the right in the mini bar :D

Pedro Rocha
04-11-2005, 02:53 PM
Since we are in nostalgic phase, let me remind you all one really old but exceptional achievement, the first time the 10K barrier was broken in 3Dmark2000 in the year 2000 by DigitalJesus (DJ) :D

Hardware used :
- Pentium III 750@1200 air cooled :slobber:
- PNY geforce2 gts
- Mem Apacer cas2 @ 160FSB (amazing at the time) :D
- Asus mobo

At that time (year 2000) the score was so incredible that FM (MadOnion) did not let publish (I know the feeling 5 years later in the 40k barrier)

So heres is the ORB capture of DJ:


After a few days, DJ finally received this e-mail from MadOnion (now FutureMark) :


Here is photos of the Hardware used by DJ, thank you very much to my friend Raptor (another semi-retired great Portuguese OCer) to send me the photos and the captures ..



It is good to remember the old legends :clap: :clap:

We try to colect some info about JCViggen achivements and will post it shortly :D

04-11-2005, 02:58 PM
damn thats sooo long ago :D
wow, how time passes... and nick was already admin on fm? quite a while...

04-20-2005, 12:30 PM
Hey guys whats going on in this thread ;)

one more i found on my webspace, uploaded dec 5th 2002!


I also remember being happy with a 1700+ chip running more than 3.1 gigs, but cant find the screenie...its still on VR-zone somewhere i think though

Those were good times. But i cant say i feel bad about retiring :) It's been good

04-21-2005, 02:14 AM
I also remember being happy with a 1700+ chip running more than 3.1 gigs, but cant find the screenie...its still on VR-zone somewhere i think though

that 1700 had the roughest life ever.

it went through your hands at 3.1 ghz.
then mine at 3.2 under dry ice, then I thought I killed it, but my 8RDA's were dead, then I lent it to bowman, who then did some crazy XP records that lasted like 6 months....

If it wasn't for JC here, I doubt I would have ever really been a overclocker.
Mr. Icee was one of the first to give me real useful advice, but you JC, were the first to give me tips that I can still use to this day, for super PI and such.
thanks man :cool:

04-21-2005, 02:16 AM
You're welcome bud! :toast:

I'm glad the CPU lived such an intersting life, would have been a shame had it been rotting away at 1466 MHz somewhere for years!

I got it in a small shop in Aachen, Germany. A few days later i purchased its twin brother, which was nearly as good (maybe 10-20 MHz difference) but i sold that one cheap here in Belgium before I cracked 3 gigs on the other one :(

04-21-2005, 10:33 AM
A true legend you are, JC.

It was you who leaded and introduced me to this forum, almost 3 years ago.
Since then, I was infected with the overclocking virus (still have it though :D )
I remember how we cracked the 20k milestone 3dmarks on your rig, long ago (still have to look for those pics).
How often we went shopping together in 4-5 stores, checking the new Athlon XP batches, looking at their die color (greenish-purple, remember?), buying, testing and keeping the best one.

All your help, tips, tweaks, inspiration, who have helped me (and many other members) to push their systems to the outer limits and reach incredible results.

Thanks for all that buddy, you absolutely deserve your place here. :toast:

have you "overclocked" your Volvo more lately? :D

04-21-2005, 10:39 AM
Oh man those were the days! Shopping in Aachen for CPUs a couple times a week ;)

That 20k was indeed good fun, thanks for borrowing your board that time! Amazing what one IT7 can do more than an identical IT7 :lol:

I think the first time I ever saw you was when you came overe here to test some OCZ mem in my rig, right? :D

Oh and the volvo is indeed overclocked a little more ;) sounds really mean now! Too bad about the fuel price though :\

04-21-2005, 11:13 AM
I think it was, when I ordered those first PC3500 sticks from them. Still have one laying around somewhere.

The even better moment was when the heatspreader from both our 2.8Ghz came off your Prommy the same day, within minutes. That was hilarious. :rofl:

04-21-2005, 12:38 PM
Oh definitely, but they were definately not the last heatspreaders to ever come off...lol

04-26-2005, 02:36 PM
hey jan! great to see you around again :toast:
oh man the nostalgia in the air here is so thick i could eat it with a spoon... so nice to see all you guys again : ))))) :D

04-27-2005, 12:01 AM
I'm happy that you're still around JC.......I'm always glad when you even post here and hearing that you're OK M8...... :) :toast:

I surely would very much like to meet you some day coz you're one among the guys I admire most..... ;) :toast:

Digital J was a good and HARD player too......It wouldn't be a bad idea to meet him too...... :toast: