View Full Version : What can I do to squeeze the last out f them (or have I already done that?)

01-20-2005, 03:57 AM
Well I decided to take the leap with the twinmos UTT chips a good 2 weeks ago and as usual i DID NOT get the stuff I wanted I got Mtec chips (AMT on the PN on the chips it say's 50B at the end of that long number)


I got a decent 240MHZ out of them on 6-3-3-2.5T (won't boot on 6-3-3-2T).
this being on 2.9Volts.

but I don't think this is really stable.

Because if I do the blend test of Prime95 I'll find my comp rebooted or something but this could also "just" be the Vcore that is to low (1.85 volts for 2300MHZ amd Xp 2500+ unlocked @ 9.5 x240)

Now I wanted to rule that out (the CPU Vcore) but when I go into bios and try to set the multiplier to 9 it looks like this:


So if I want to take the multiplier 9 apparently it takes multiplier 17 :banana4:
because my comp just won't boot then. Not even post :confused:

Now I CAN set ti to 7.5 I think because there it just say's 7.5 no / whatever

Now I think it may also be "just" the Vdimm but I can't put it any heigher then 2.9 on my board and I already have the uberbios(1007) and my voltages are like this( the settings)
VDimm: 2.9
chipset: 1.7V

Now I CAN buy a DDR booster from OCZ but they cost like 55 euros here and thats just to much imho, I think thats a ripp of.

So is there a way to squeeze any more out of these bars?

gonna try testing with the latency's at 7-3-3-3 or 8-3-3-3 tonight but those latency's look high now considering that It ran at 6-3-3-2 up until 220MHZ