View Full Version : dry ice / ln2 container dimensions?

12-05-2004, 02:57 PM
heya folks,

What are the dimensions in general for a container that will first serve for dry ice and later for ln2?

haldol gave me these dimensions:

6*6*2 or 7*7*2 cm for the base plate
copper tube at least 20 cm high (more is better? howmuch higher?)
inner diameter of the tube 5cm
thickness of the plate that will be rolled into a cylinder shape?
if possible (my uncle will be making this for me), some smaller rings in the center for better heat dissipation.

anything else I might have forgotten?

thx in advance,


PS: Where do you guys get your insulation because all I can find around here are those small round tubes used for the pipes from the watersupply.

I've been to "the local hardware store" (doesn't mean much here in Belgium) and i've been to a heatingcenter that also does a little airconditioning but no luck.

/off to read lardarse's dry ice guide