View Full Version : Attn: NY Metro members LN LAN Party Sun the 17th

11-11-2002, 08:27 AM
Here's a invite to everyone in the NY metro area. Liquidninjas.com is having a LAN party in Cedar Grove NJ. If you're in the area you're more than welcome to stop by.

The event is being held at:

The North End Fire Co.
The corner of Stephens Ave & E. Lindsley Rd
Cedar Grove N.J. 07009


The event is noon till ? but I should be there before noon setting up.

Bring food/drink and whatever you need to run your box (patch cables, power strip, the computer :)) There is a kitchen on premises so you can bring stuff that needs to cook if you're so inclined. There are also pizza places and other takeout availble.

Donations to differ the cost of the hall are very much appreacaited but not manidatory. (just don't roll up and tell me you have no loot and then go get sushi for lunch... Well, maybe if you bring me some back :D) Troublemakers will be run up the flagpole by their shorts. Don't make me get Tony Soprano after ya ;)

If you're in the area stop on by.

If there are any questions get in touch with me :D Farabomb@liquidninjas.com