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10-28-2002, 05:06 PM
I've had 4 non-working 8KHA+s sitting around for quite a while. Got'em in a box'o boards I had bought for $20. Been home for a few sick. Got really bored and just decided to closely inspect these non-booting boards (all either FF or C1) Found 1 that after close inspection, there was a component that was burnt (actually, the center was blown-out). Can't say what component as I am no electronics tech. Tiny black square with 8 legs (right under the NB fan header). Well, the boards weren't working anyway so I decided to remove this from 1 board and transplant to this one. Had a helluva time with as tiny as this was, but I finally de-soldered and re-soldered. Got home from work today and gave my handiwork a close inspection and it looked a bit rough, but functional. Decided to risk a spare chip I have, and........................the damn thing works!!!! :bounce:
Haven't put it through it's paces yet, but I have installed WinXP without a hitch :)
Ahhhhh........this feels so nice :D Now I've got 2 working 8KHA+s :cool:

(So proud of myself, I just had ta share ;))

10-28-2002, 05:11 PM

10-28-2002, 05:31 PM
Excellent work man! Ive had similar deals where I had to do something to that effect. Its a truly great feeling when youve done something like this that youve never done before!
Congrats bub!~!

10-28-2002, 06:24 PM
Now I gotta try about the same thing with 2 8K7A+s. 1 has a burnt thingy (highly technical terminology;)) and the other has 2. I have a third for parts :)

10-29-2002, 01:58 AM
Good job LW, next thing you know you're going to be certifiable;) (more technical terminology:))

10-29-2002, 04:10 AM
certified to fix thingy's

10-29-2002, 07:57 AM

He's the new "Broken thingey fixer" heh;)