View Full Version : 'Bandit Six': Better On Google's Daydream Than On Gear VR

02-21-2017, 04:43 AM

Climax Studios released Bandit Six to the Daydream VR platform this week. We were curious to see how it compares to the Gear VR version, so we fired both up back to back. You might be surprised by the difference. I know I was.
Climax Studio?s Bandit Six is a first-person World War II flight combat game for mobile VR. In Bandit Six, you are the rear turret operator of a war plane, and you must defend your aircraft at all costs. You?ll face swarms of enemies in Me109 fighter planes, defend yourself from incoming missiles, and destroy V2 rockets before they reach their target.

The game features over 30 missions, and each they get progressively more challenging. The first few missions are easy to complete, but good luck getting three stars on your first run. To get three stars on any mission, you must have nearly perfect execution.
Collecting stars is imperative in Bandit Six because you need them to unlock missions. Each mission requires a specific number of stars. If you don?t collect all three stars from each mission, you will find yourself going back and grinding so you can move forward. And I?m not kidding when I say grind. Unlocking all three stars is a challenge, and in many cases, you won?t stand a chance on your first attempt.