View Full Version : Dell Precision 530 - RIMM Risers - 4gb - show a Multi-bit memory error. Which rimm?

07-02-2014, 07:37 PM
Hi, I have a Dell Precision 530 I threw 4GB of ram in with the risers.

If I adjust the AGP Aperture to anything other than 256MB, I get a multi-bit memory error. In the bios it says RIMM_4 but gives a physical address. You know it's like f000000h9 or something. I'd like to identify which module is the cause.

If I set AGP Aperture to 256MB and boot I get the two yellows and two green lights on the diagnostic lights. 2 yellow on left, 2 green on right means possibly memory module failure.

However at AGP Aperture 256MB it boots up with no errors, BIOS reports 4096MB. Windows reports 3327MB. My guess is with AGP Aperture at 256MB, the bios disables the bad 512MB stick leaving me with 512MB less physical memory available for the OS.

I also ran it through the Extended 10 hours Windows Memory Diagnostic on 2 runs with zero error's.

There are 4 Rimm slots, SLOT 1 has a 4-rimm riser, SLOT 2 has a 4-rimm riser, SLOT 3 and 4 are empty. Since there are 8 512mb sticks... the error is weird since it just plain says RIMM 4 Multi bit ECC error but I have RIMM 4 on Riser 1, and RIMM 4 on Riser 2, and RIMM 4 on the board it self...

My Question is how can I determine which module is bad by the Physical address shown on the Multi-Bit ECC Error with AGP Aperture set at 32MB?


[XC] Lead Head
07-02-2014, 11:13 PM
Dunno if what you're asking is possible really. Only thing I can suggest is pick up some continuity modules on e-bay and start checking sticks one-by-one.

Or just throw the system out, because that's a freaking ancient dual P4 xeon system with slow 400mhz FSB CPUs and AGP 4x...

07-03-2014, 02:57 PM
Lead Head;5234877']Or just throw the system out, because that's a freaking ancient dual P4 xeon system with slow 400mhz FSB CPUs and AGP 4x...

I second that...even a lowly Core 2 Duo will be able to stomp it's its guts out...and they're pretty much in giveaway territory at this point.

A new G3258 (at its dirty cheap price) will absolutely pulverize it...and probably burn less than 1/4 of the power doing so. The power savings alone will pay for that upgrade...;)

07-14-2014, 08:06 PM
I hear you guy's I mean it never throws the error if the AGP Aperture is set to 256MB, which is required for any kind of solid gpu performance. The difference is monumental though probably 75% fps increase. Anyway once I threw 4GB in it and the SL79V's 3Ghz, and the 1GB HD4670 I finally played through the entire campaign of Battlefield Bad Company 2 on it... Had it at 1920x1080 all maxed out except shadows the 128 bit HD4670 hates shadows. I plan to buy the HD3850 256bit card and then sell or give it to someone who will enjoy it. These SL79V's have 4MB L3 Cache on each cpu so they outperform most Core 2 Duo's... I even tested it on various benchmarks. Even know the memory bandwidth is low, once you get the dual 3Ghz Xeon's talkin' they get a lot of work done on 4 threads. The SL79V's outperformed a Core 2 Duo E4500... I only had around 60% utilization in Battlefield Bad Company 2... not the usual 100% all day crap on the stock 2.2Ghz xeon's with 512KB L3 cache.

This was my introduction to the All Mighty Dual Xeon Market. I'm pleased to say once I got a breeze of these Xeon's I'm going all out on my future builds. I have a Dell Precision 690 board/ system I'm about to throw in a Chenbro so that should be exciting. I bought the dual PCIE riser so it'll be tricky modding the case for that. However it'll be a nice mix of fitting the proprietary into a standard EEB case. Anyway I had a question, do you guy's know if I have to use the Precision 690 heatsinks for the LGA 771 or can I use any LGA 771 heatsink on it?